It's Astounding!
Opened October 6th 1981 Sydney -  Closed in Brisbane October 1982

420 Performances

1981 - 82 Australian Production:


Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Directed by David Toguri
Production Design - Brian Thomson
Costumes - Sue Blane
Stage Director - Mark Batten
Assistant Stage Director - Caroline Mackie

Exec. Producer - Wilton Morley
Musical Director - Ian Mawson
Touring Technician - Gary Hill
Sound - Q Sound

  Touring Dome Operator - Robert Brown

  Production Manager - John Kesl

  Tour Co-ordinator - Helen Wood
  Assistant Designer - Chris Breckwoldt
  Assistant Choreographer - Marita West
  Set Construction - Staging Consultants
  Costumier - Melody Cooper
  Electric Effects - Steve Firkin & Assoc.
The Band:
Keyboards - Ian Mawson
Bass - Steve Elphik
Guitar - Steve Brien
Drums - Phil Henderson
Tenor Saxophone - Paul Andrews

Principal Cast:

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Daniel Abineri
Janet Weiss:
Antoinette Byron
Brad Majors:
David Frezza
Perry Bedden

Magenta and Usherette:
Kerry Myers / Luz Yeomans (Sydney)
Gina Mendoza
Eddie and Dr. Scott:
Ignatius Jones /
Steve J. Spears (Sydney)
Rocky Horror:
Jay Hackett
The Narrator:
Stuart Wagstaff
/ Ian "Molly" Meldrum (Melbourne) / Noel Ferrier (Adelaide)

Produced by Wilton Morley, Phillip Emanuel & Peter Davis

Gina Mendoza's grandmother, Dot Mendoza, was a founding member of NIDA, and the vocal coach for Kate Fitzpatrick and Sal Sharah in the original Australian cast


Daniel Abineri








Programme Cover

81 programme


The absolute quintessential revival of the Rocky Horror Show, for the post-film generation, with an enthusiastic talented cast. Not the ferocity of the original production but with Daniel Abineri playing Frank (in the style of Tim Curry), Perry Bedden (Transylvanian and on screen wedding photographer in the film version) playing Riff Raff, the original stage setting designed by Thomson, directed by the choreographer from the film and housed in the rotting remains of the once grand Her Majesty's Theatre (originally the Brisbane Opera House built in 1886 now demolished) this production was an unrepeatable experience. The mini cast recording of 6 songs available from this production doesn't begin to do justice to the incredible live performance. Abineri's live performance of I'm Going Home was a religious experience! Daniel Abineri would go on to perform the role of Frank for the rest of the decade. This show remained true to the original script format through all it's tours.



Perry Bedden



Sydney, Theatre Royal Sept 28 - Dec 19, 1981
Melbourne, Comedy Theatre from Jan 7, 1982
Opera Theatre, Adelaide
Canberra Theatre, Canberra, 11 - 18 June 1982
His Majesty's Theatre, Perth
Civic Theatre, Townsville
Civic Theatre, Mt Isa
The Civic Theatre, Newcastle
Theatre Royal, Hobart Aug 1982
Princess Theatre, Launceston Aug 27 - Sept 3 1982
Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane Sept - Oct 1982









fam wedd

It's Astoudning with Perry Bedden ... ... .. . . . .. .. ... .. . .... ... .... .... ......... .... .... . .... . ..... ........ ..... . ... ..

1982 advert


Opening Night Pre-show entertainment (Photos supplied by Craig Walker - Brad)

pros top
pros side
pros side r

The Complete 1982 Adelaide performance. The video quality is unfortunately poor, but amazing that it exists at all!


Perry Bedden's bedroom shot for use when Janet is searching the television monitor, when he took the role.

last daysd and plast days

Daniel and Perry (Photo by The Beej)


Comedy Theatre Melbourne

picture bookbookpicture book





dolly blurb

bw review





Clipping from Perry Bedden's collection

advert perry

brief history






Not all reviewers were kind:

TUESDAY was the opening of The Rocky Horror Show. The local glitterati competed with paid Rocky groupies for attention before and after the show. The kids in the 70s kink seemed to have the edge.

The show on stage is just slightly more extravagant. Only technical wizz-fizz and the exuded presence of two or three prominent company members prevent an early close.
Daniel Abineri has more camp style than there is at a Scout jamboree as the transvestite Frank-N-Furter, and the producers made a wise choice bringing his previous experience with the show into this production.
Perry Redden shows great acting strength as Riff-Raff, and the show could almost stand alone on Steve J. Spears' brilliant version of Hot Pattootie.
In short, Rocky Horror has great moments that fail to gel into a whole. It's fun, but dated. Parents of teenage Rocky freaks might like to see what began the slide.

The Sydney Morning Herald 10 Oct 1981



In real life Daniel Abineri is all Pommy male. But in the Rocky Horror Show he becomes a prancing transvestite.


Fiona Manning made a mistake in that article. Tim Curry didn't "take over" after Abineri. Tim Curry was 5 years before Abineri and the first National tour.







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