your lifestyle's too extreme

                                     Tour commenced Melbourne Comedy Theatre 1st July 1992





Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Original Music and Arrangements by Richard Hartley

Directed by Nigel Triffitt
Production Design -Nigel Triffitt

Costumes - Sue Blane reimagined by Kim Bishop

Choreography - Chrissie Koltai

Production Manager -
Musical Director - Conrad Helfrich
Lighting - David Murray
Sound -

Produced by Paul Dainty

Principal Cast:
Dr. Frank N. Furter: Craig McLachlan / Marcus Graham (Adelaide)
Janet Weiss: Gina Riley
/ Ally Fowler (Adelaide)
Brad Majors: Glenn Butcher
Stephen Kearney (Melbourne)
The Usherette/Magenta: Linda Nagle

Riff Raff: Peter Rowsthorn

Columbia: Alyssa Jane Cook

Eddie/Dr. Scott: Wilbur Wilde
/ Frankie J Holden (Adelaide)
The Narrator: Red Symons

Rocky Horror: Christopher Kirby

Phantoms: Micheal Beckley, Andrea St. John, Micheal Cormick, Steven Judkins, Kate Johnson, Michael Dalton

The Band:

Mark Meyer: drums
Joe Creighton: bass
Simon Patterson, Sam See: guitars
Cezary Skubiszewski, Garth Porter: keyboards
Conrad Helfrich: piano
Alex Patou: percussion
Wilbur Wilde: saxophone
Susie Ahern, David Wilson, James Uluave: additional backing vocals

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Reading the interview with Nigel Triffitt says it all, "hated the original show thought it was tacky", thinks people who repeatedly see the film need to "get a life", doesn't know Rocky can't sing till his rehearsal:



An African American Rocky who couldn't sing, re-orchestrations that castrated the songs and an over the top Nigel Triffit set design made this production a hollow affair. Although an extravaganza for the eyes, the script was made fun of and parody was taken to extremes.

The costuming was reworked into lavish colourful versions of their Sue Blane origins. The original idea of the audience using their imaginations to fill in the backdrops and settings was not needed as this production had a castle on stage, a car, and a rocket that took off.

The cast were a grouping of Australian TV, mostly soap, stars.









Marcus Graham as frank ......................... Ally Fowler as Janet
Stephen Kearney as brad
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